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Upcoming Events

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday March 18th, 6:30PM

"Movie Night" @ the clubhouse: featuring "Best in Show", rated PG13. A hilarious comedy spoof hailed by the NY Times, it's about five dog show participants and their different breeds of pooches.

Come early to socialize and bring some munchies!

Spring Social 2016

All are welcome at the

Next meeting of the Social Committee

this Friday April 8th at 10 AM @ the clubhouse.

Spring Social 2016

-- Spring Social --
Sunday April 24th 2 PM

RSVP by 4/15/16. See Flyer for details.

(Attendees are kindly requested to contact webmaster with photos and perhaps pen a short feature for subsequent publication here on our website.)

Next Open Session of the FFCOA Board of Trustees

will be on Tuesday May 24th,

at 7 PM in the clubhouse.

Newly published on this site:

The FFCOA May Newsletter and the May Calendar.

Meeting Agenda for the March 22, 2016 Open Session of the Board of Trustees.

Approved Meeting Minutes of Open Session of Board of Trustees Meeting held Feb 2, 2016

Click the "Archives" link at pagetop to find older meeting minutes, financials, newsletters, et al, for our Association.



Recent News

Spring Cleanup Underway

Spring cleanup tasks have been underway for a number of weeks by our landscape team. Today we spied our lawn chemical service applying fertilizer and weed control. Irrigation system will be inspected and prepped soon.

Also, the Building and Grounds committee volunteers are in the process of surveying the units and the site to report back conditions to the board of trustees.

A warm welcome to our newer neighbors:

Angelina Leone on Joseph Drive, Carole Catucci,and John Thall on Samson Drive, and our newest Flemington Field unit owners, Joanne and Bob Williges, also on Samson.

March Board of Trustees Open Session

A well-attended, regular bi-monthly BOT meeting was recently held on March 22, 2016 at 7 pm in the clubhouse. Consult the meeting agenda for details.

George Washington in Hunterdon

Professor Dave Burchelle's (Mercer County College) visit here Sat. February 20th was a thorough pleasure for all of us who attended. Please see feature article in March Newsletter (pg.5).

Without the efforts of Jerry Matcho, Anne Lupo, Gloria Gwizdz, Lucille Krause,Karen Matcho, and Joan Ruby, this special time would not have been possible. A huge "thank you" is due all of them!

February 2016 Board of Trustees Open Session

The regular bi-monthly BOT January meeting was held after a 1 week postponement due to the blizzard. Highlights included appointment of Walter Yarrow as the 5th board member of the now all-unit-owner board of Trustees. Walter is warmly welcomed!

Also discussed was a status of our FFCOA finances, the Transition and the need to raise the monthly dues. The additional $20 is earmarked for replenishing our Reserve Fund.

Also announced was the retirement of Bob Seyfarth who served as our property manager for several years. Replacing Bob, is Dawn Carone from Access Property Management.

Finally, there was long discussion of the recent snow removal experiences of our residents. Many other things were covered. Click here for approved Minutes.

DCA State Inspection Went Well

The initial stage of this mandatory state inspection was accomplished. It went a whole lot smoother due to the residents accompanying the inspector. Jim Livezey, Joan Ruby, Jerry Matcho and Karen Matcho: thanks for giving up your personal time on the community's behalf! full article in Feb newsletter.

December 2015 Holiday "Get-to-know-ya Party"

A Grand Success

Saturday December 12th: many attended an awesomely wonderful cocktail party and dinner at the clubhouse. Sincere thanks and appreciation is due to those who worked so hard to make it happen. Consult Page 4 of our January 2016 Newsletter for a full description.

Board Election Result

At the November 2015 meeting of the Board, the FFCOA membership elected 3 new Trustees who join Joan Ruby who continues her good work for us. Welcome to these folks:

  • Rosemary D'Allura

  • George Ditzler

  • Jerry Matcho
We are certainly grateful for all who volunteered for this critical effort.

Outgoing Board President

A hearty vote of thanks to Roger Aherns who has been our Board President for the past year and served as Treasurer/Secretary since he joined the board several years ago. His knowledge, zeal, and devoted service to this community is remarkable and deeply appreciated. Here's hoping Roger gets a chance to relax a bit, and finally enjoy his "retirement" from his "retirement".


Our Social Committee have announced planning is underway for the afternoon of Sunday April 24th, 2 PM. There's more info --> Event Flyer for "A Day at the Races". Please consider joining the committee and/or volunteering in some capacity for this special event.

Lovely icy crocus

Please don't forget to volunteer for a committee this year. Click here to print the form.


Spotlight on Committees:


Click here to see a list of the typical things going on at the Flemington Fields clubhouse, aside from official meetings of the condominium and the homeowners' associations.

Thank you very much to Clubhouse committee-persons , volunteering in this very vital and central function of our FFCOA community. In addition to important meetings, and the games played there, clubhouse events help us in getting to know and appreciate each other.

The Flemington Fields Handbook provides the basic rules for the clubhouse use. For a private rental, contact Access Property Management, Dawn Carone at 908-284-3422.

Over the last year, Clubhouse committee members have been renewing, reorganizing, studying the process for rentals, keeping the supplies available, overseeing janitorial services and so on. Planning a Christmas Party has been added to this list. As many hands would spread the load a bit, we would love anyone to join the main group or start a subdivision (e.g. a Social sub-committee can involve trips, parties, luncheons, breakfast, etc). The Clubhouse Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10 am at the clubhouse. Any resident is always welcome to attend our meetings. Suggestions and questions are always welcome at any time.


Spotlight on Committees:

Building and Grounds: Assists and advises the Board of Trustees in an effort to preserve the physical integrity and aesthetic quality of our community. Periodically, at the request of the Board, takes maintenance surveys making recommendations to the Trustees. May undertake research on behalf of the Trustees where it is time consuming. This group sometimes reviews a submitted Building Modification Form when Residents apply to the Board to make a change to a common area or limited common area of their unit.

Timeframe/mission is medium and long-term planning. Emphasis is NOT on daily/weekly problem solving & operational issues - that is the province of either our Builder (RVD - Raritan Valley Developers), or our Property Manager, Dawn Carone of Access Property Management. For clarification, see link above Who Ya Gonna Call?"

picture Standing Committees

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