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deck renewal project at FFCOA Remember Monday Sept 15th
Deck Powerwashing/Staining project
begins those unit owners who were notified previously by the Property Manager. The crew is starting on Indian Plantation, proceeding to Clubhouse side. For efficiency and cost saving, it is necessary that you
  • remove all objects from the deck,
  • remove all objects from cement slab under deck,
  • ensure your outside water spigot is turned on.
Thank you everyone, for your cooperation.
Flemington Fields
Upcoming Events

Deck Project
Weather permitting, Monday September 15th should see a number of deck maintenance candidates being powerwashed, sanded, and restained with Behr Premium Wood Coating Transparent Stain - Cedar Natural Tone. More will be accomplished next year. And so on, until we are in a regular rotation.

Don't forget the next Bi-monthly FFCOA Open Meeting is Tuesday, Sept 23rd 7 pm at the clubhouse.


Board of Trustees Recruitment Drive
Please get your form in soon..


It's High Tea!
Saturday, Sept 27th 3 PM
FFCOA Meet & Greet at the clubhouse. More info on page 3 of September's newsletter.

Mini Golf - Saturday – October 4th – 11:30 AM
Let's have fun together at lovely, nearby (14 minutes) Pine Creek Miniature Golf Course. Lunch, regroup and brag later at clubhouse. RSVP either Matt Andrejko or Jerry Matcho before Sept 27th. Flyer in Newsletter. See Pine Creek's website here.


Flemington Fields Hunterdon Hotair Balloon August 2014 - Photo Credit: Mo Saur

Recent News

Detailed update report from our board about recent Transition activities - special Newsletter insert. Attend the September bi-monthly meeting for additional important briefing.

Newly published on this site:

September 2014 Calendar.

September Newsletter.




Latest Bi-monthly Open FFCOA Meeting
was held on Tuesday, July 22nd 2014 7 PM at the clubhouse.

Spring into Summer Highlights

Pond The aerator for our pond next to the clubhouse was "tuned up", and is hard at work oxygenating the water to prevent stagnation, control insects and algae bloom. Princeton Hydro also treats the water in the basin to maintain its attractive algae-free look, control weeds and eutrophication in an environmentally sound and cost-effective manner. PH's aquatic operations specialists re-treat during the season, if necessary, until the colder weather returns.

FFCOA pond spray in summer

Irrigation Our new irrigation system maintenance company, High Tech, has accomplished quite a few repairs. However, extranormal damage from winter requires more extensive work, which continues. The board and our property manager are working with High Tech to create a mapping of the system of piping, meters, valves etc. to enhance our future ability to maintain the system economically. Recently, the irrigation team effort seems to have reached a happy conclusion. Board trustee Roger Ahrens did a bunch of running around this summer to ensure we are well hydrated and he deserves a big shout-out - thanks Roger!

Grass/landscaping Since the most recent Resident meeting late in May, our board president and the owner of our Landscaper NJS have personally been following up on Residents' comments on improving grass conditions, and recovering from last winter. Due to irrigation system, and weather timing issues, grass reseeding efforts did not fully succeed but will be readdressed later in the season. Additionally, our property manager is coordinating the efforts of our returning arborist, Spanner Tree, to battle the Japanese beetle explosion with a spraying regimen. Also to neutralize a suspected infestation by bark beetles on IPS which unfortunately decimated a mature tree.

Flemington Fields Hunterdon Hotair Balloon - Photo Credit: Karen Matcho

Fire/security Upgrade Project Complete Earlier on, the clubhouse fire/security system was needing repair due to intermittent false alarms. Investigating this matter, our property manager, the local fire marshal and the board settled on an appropriate upgrade from a residential-level system (same as some of our units) to a commercial grade fire/alarm/security system in line with its public usage as a meeting, recreational and rental facility. Also needed were some changes to the telephone system to accommodate hardwiring the alarm system. Our property manager Bob honchoed this project and reports its implementaton is completed after visits from the phone company and our new security provider. The trustees got a brief tour. Upcoming effort will be needed to accomplish a handover from the builder (Carol at the sales office) to learn administration and programming skills with the ancillary Key Fob system. Breaking news... official inspection done of upgrade - it passed with aplomb.

FFCOA clubhouse pic Feb 2014

The Clubhouse Addition Project has seen progress this spring and summer. The adjacent lawn area stretching from the double French doors and covered patio to the basin fence had been rough graded, and recently fine-graded/seeded by the Builder. Also a lot of the construction debris and excess pavers have been cleared away. On the pond side of the building, river rock has just been added by RVD in the last week or so, to beautify the concrete walkway areas adjacent to the clubhouse & its addition, and integrate its look. Inside, they installed blinds to match the existing windows in the original rooms. We'll be checking back with our builder on completion items such window screens (we heard recently they've been ordered ... thanks RVD.) Gosh, it's nearly complete and it's lookin' good.

Spotlight on Committees:

Clubhouse: Warmly, we welcome our newest volunteer, Patience Anderson, to the Clubhouse Committee. Thank you very much to Patience, and of course to all those already volunteering in this very vital and central function of our FFCOA community, namely Yvonne Guarino, Barbara Lorio, Lee Prestipino, Helene Purzycki, Shirley Vill, and Evelyn Hamrah. Recently the committee has been renewing, reorganizing, studying the process for rentals, keeping the supplies available, overseeing janitorial services and so on. And we added planning a Christmas Party. We would love anyone to join the committee or start a subdivision - Social Committee. Social can include trips, parties, luncheons, breakfast, etc. In addition to the games played at the Clubhouse, the social events help us in getting to know and appreciate each other…we look forward to resuming social events.

We are researching the repair cost of our broken loveseat. Actually the Great Room looks nice with only the couch and chairs. Any feedback on this point? Please communicate it to any committee member soon.

The Flemington Fields Handbook provides the basic rules for the clubhouse use. For a private rental, contact Access Property Management, Bob Seyfarth at 908-284-3426.

The Clubhouse Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10 am at the clubhouse. However, we are not meeting in August. Any resident is always welcome to attend our meetings. Suggestions and questions are always welcome at any time. The clubhouse is there for your enjoyment…so enjoy. -- Evelyn for the committee

Without any doubt, FFCOA residents always look forward to the beginning of each new month as they keep an expectant eye on their mailbox for the next issue of the Flemington Fields Condo Association Newsletter. Our community would like to express its gratitude to Ginny Doremus for her last 2 years of effort producing this communications staple for our neighborhood - whoops that pun kinda slipped out. All kidding aside, thank you so much Ginny for all the volunteering you have done here over the years.

The Communications Committee warmly welcomes Shirley Vill as its newest member. Further, though Ginny is relinquishing the reins of the Newsletter, we are excited to announce her successor will be Shirley. As you may know, Shirley only recently moved here to FFCOA, and we salute her for diving right in. Shirley will be on the lookout for any news articles and welcomes input from fellow residents.

picture of choleus      Remember when former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, initiated her “Beautify America” campaign to encourage the planting of flowers along highways, on roadsides, and in parks? It was a huge success.
     Well, our community has its own version of that program – “Beautify Flemington Fields.” Because of the work and commitment of Laurie Pierce, LoAnn Ditzler and Karen Matcho, hundreds of flowers were planted and artistically mulched at our six entrance monuments and at the Gazebo. Tom Pierce added fertilizer to the seedlings and other residents, namely Wes Weickert, John Cofone, Patience Anderson, Pete Chromek and Ann Vizzoni, have agreed to provide water to their section during any dry spell. The work of these volunteers will certainly increase the attractiveness of our little community. The FFCOA offers its appreciation and gratitude for all of the volunteers’ efforts. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed; there is always some little task to do that will help enrich and make for a vibrant community.
(Reprinted from FFCOA July Newsletter)

Color Our World ...
Once again, demonstrating that volunteers are the backbone of Flemington Fields.. Walter Yarrow from David Drive recently applied his professional painting skills and performed a great touch up job in our clubhouse, "disappearing" a little wear and tear.. Thank you so much, Walter.
And While You're at... Light it up too!
Recently Jim Livezey from Samson Drive proffered his advanced electrical know-how to refurbish some lighting fixtures for our community. Alas, COA-insurance-rules prevent us from benefiting from his nice offer. Instead he's taking over bulb replacement responsibilities for our COA stone monuments @ Joseph, @ Suzanne and Hart/Indian Plantation from Ed Saur. In fact he has already started sprucing us up by shining the lanturn glass and debugging the fixtures too. Thanks for that wonderful initiative, Jim.
Finally, everyone will please refrain from making any "how many condo residents does it take to change a light bulb?" jokes around Jim and Ed.


FF pond & gazebo


Spotlight on Committees:

Building and Grounds: Assists and advises the Board of Trustees in an effort to preserve the physical integrity and aesthetic quality of our community. Periodically, at the request of the Board, takes maintenance surveys making recommendations to the Trustees. May undertake research on behalf of the Trustees where it is time consuming. This group sometimes reviews a submitted Building Modification Form when Residents apply to the Board to make a change to a common area or limited common area of their unit.

Timeframe/mission is medium and long-term planning. Emphasis is NOT on daily/weekly problem solving & operational issues - that is the province of either our Builder (RVD - Raritan Valley Developers), or our Property Manager, Bob Seyfarth of Access Property Management. [Bob's service days for us at FFCOA are part-time Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday starting at 9am. However he monitors at other days/times for truly urgent situations, or to sustain momentum on a project.] For clarification, see new link Who Ya Gonna Call?"

picture Standing Committees

board member graphic

Announcement: Please Volunteer to fill Openings on FFCOA Board of Trustees

All of the residents in good standing are asked to thoughtfully consider volunteering to come onboard and fill a currently open position on the Board of Trustees. We would be most happy to speak with you about this possibility. So reach out to any of us. Our Resident Handbook describes the Board:

The affairs of the association are governed by a five member Board of Trustees elected by association members. Trustees serve without compensation for a two-year term. The board is invested with all the rights, powers and duties necessary for the proper administration of the association as provided in Article V, page 23 of the By-Laws.

Note: for the time being, the Sponsor for this development holds one of the five seats on the board, leaving 4 positions for Unit Owners.

Additional detail on the Board and governance is available in the FFCOA Bylaws which are posted on the website - use the "Documents" link off this homepage.